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One Grove Place
Pittsburgh, PA  15236

Telephone:  412-882-8744
Facsimile:    412-882-8320

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish

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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish


We are a Roman Catholic Community celebrating a living faith in the living God.  We believe the Eucharist is the source and summit of our vibrant, prayerful worship.

Driven by a belief in the dignity of the human person, we reach out to serve all, to educate the truths of Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church, and to foster the sacramental life of the faithful. 

Inspired by our patroness, we strive to live the greatest of all virtues - charity.  We care for the poor, children and elderly, those cast as exiles and those who mourn.  We encourage stewardship through freely giving of our time, talent and treasure.


With open doors and open hearts, we invite everyone to join us on a faith-filled journey toward salvation."

                                                                   Mission Statement written by members of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, March 2009


With a parish history that began in 1942, Saint Elizabeth's parishioners gather from a wide area including Baldwin, Whitehall, Pleasant Hills, Jefferson Borough, West Mifflin, and beyond. If you are already a parishioner or someone looking for a place of Catholic worship, you are welcome to come and pray with us. Each weekend there are seven Masses offered at Saint Elizabeth Church as well as two morning Masses every Monday through Friday.

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Also, you many have noticed in the bulletin that the Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish Communications Ccommittee is working with our Pastoral Council to collect the names, address, phone number and e-mail address of Saint Elizabeth parishioners for an upcoming parish census. Please take a moment to complete the form at the bottom of this page or you may fill out the form found in our bulletin and place it in one of the baskets at Saint Elizabeth Church.  Please be assured that  all of your information will remian secure and be used only for future parish communications.  We thank you for your assistance in helping us to gather this information.

If you have any immediate questions please call the parish office at 412-882-8744.


Father Dale DeNinno

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