The mission of the Catholic Men’s Fellowship is a response to the call made by Pope John Paul II for a new evangelization, particularly the reinvigoration of faith among Catholics.

Our mission is:

  1. To raise awareness among Catholic Men of their need to re-experience the spiritual awakening they originally received at their baptism, to nurture and deepen their ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ through working with the Holy Spirit, so single and married men can accept their God-given roles as individuals in families, marriages, and churches.
  2. To encourage men to seek opportunities for faith-formation which may include forming or participating in a men’s faith sharing group at the parish level
  3. To affirm and encourage our clergy while enthusiastically encouraging men a) to recognize their healing potential for our church and b) teaching men how to proactively support their Catholic faith at the family, parish, and community levels.

The men of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary’s Catholic Men’s Fellowship groups would like to extend a special invitation to all of the men of the parish to join us for fellowship in sharing our faith and growing deeper in our faith as Catholic men.

There are currently three groups that meet on a weekly basis (Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings). For more information visit the Catholic Men’s Fellowship website at .